Wednesday, April 09, 2008

She Wants Revenge - These Things

Featuring the insanely hot Shirley Manson in a non-singing role

Of course if Shirley and I hook up (Call me Shirley - it's even free see the icon in the corner) we would have to have a talk about that whole living on a piss stained mattress, handcuffs and torture thing. I'm not making crazy hot Scottish singer money but I can afford a new mattress and hell I'll even help clean up the apartment, because let's face it it needs a scrubbing; I'm just not a fan of the whole beaten for her pleasure thing. If that's a deal breaker sorry I will just have to go to my back-up list - Pamela Anderson, Katherine Bell, Traci Lords, Juliet Huddy, Angie Harmon, Elizabeth Rohm, Jill Hennessy, Grace Park, Charlize Theron, Sabine Ehrenfeld, and Sarah Shahi.
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