Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pajamas Media equals Panic Media

via Instapundit I found this article at Pajamas Media "Flight School Fiasco: No Lessons Learned After 9/11". Now I like getting all spun up and outraged as well as anybody and more than most so I am thinking, "Alright!"; Unfortunately there is no meat to the article so now I am feeling unsatisfied.

Damn you Pajamas Media!

Seriously, this is a problem over there anything no matter how small becomes the issue that is going to lead to the utter destruction of the American way of life and the death of millions, but when you dig into it you find the allegations are blown completely out of proportion.

Example - Today's article starts off with:

Thousands of foreign students are in U.S. flight schools illegally. Annie Jacobsen exclusively reveals an internal memo on the Transportation Security Administration’s failure to enforce the law.

but then when you read the memo, what is says is there is a disagreement between the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security and what type of visa is appropriate. Not that no security assessment is performed, not that no inspections are performed, not even that visa's aren't checked to determine if the are expired or not or is a student has one. It says we have a disagreement with the Department of State over what Visa is appropriate until we get it worked out consider the B (student visa) OK.

Sorry the memo is protected so I can't paste in the appropriate paragaraph, but you can read it at the Pajamas Media link

I am really hard pressed to see where this situation is either an immediate threat, given that the students are still having Security Threat Assessments conducted, or an abrogation of TSA's responsibilities, given that a problem has been identified and steps taken to rectify it.

This is just one more reason blogs get a bad name, the constant panic stricken and strident tone. Could we examine stuff objectively once in awhile.

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