Saturday, March 01, 2008

“It’s so rapturous, everything around him. - Lee Cowan ABC News on Barack Obama

Alright I grabbed that quote a little out of context. It's from today's NY Times article discussing whether the treatment of Obama by the press has been going easy on Obama. In full it reads:

“I don’t think that it’s kind treatment versus unkind treatment,” Mr. Cowan began, taking issue with the depiction of journalists fawning over Mr. Obama in a “Saturday Night Live” skit last Saturday, a characterization stoked nearly every day since by Mrs. Clinton and her aides.

And yet, Mr. Cowan then described several advantages that he saw Mr. Obama as having over his rival. “He hasn’t been around as long, so there isn’t as much to pick at,” Mr. Cowan said. “He plays everything very cool. He’s not as much of a lightning rod. His personality just doesn’t seem to draw that kind of coverage.”

“Even in the conversations we have as colleagues, there is a sense of trying especially hard not to drink the Kool-Aid,” Mr. Cowan added. “It’s so rapturous, everything around him. All these huge rallies.”

Newsflash buddy - Once you use the word rapturous to describe a candidates events and admit that he isn't drawing critical coverage because he is cool you have drunk the Kool-Aid. In fact you are mixing in the cyanide and serving it to the little kids at that point.

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