Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can you say manipulative bitch

As you all know I have the hots for Megyn Kelly, or at least I did until I read this NY Times article about her recent wedding. First I was cursing her new husband which probably made my neighbors even more nervous than normal, but then I saw this bit about their initial blind date:

But Ms. Kelly had one up on him. While she waited at home, two friends — “her advance team,” she called them — circled the bar to check out Mr. Brunt, who had been described as “handsome, smart and ambitious.”

Her team called to report that the man waiting at the bar was really cute. But within minutes, another call followed. False alarm. That one was waiting for another woman. A third call brought word of another guy, “someone even cuter,” Ms. Kelly, 37, said.

So the implication is if this guy didn't measure up Kelly wouldn't even have had the decency to show up. I no longer find her hot. (OK I do but I would only have cheap meaningless sex with her I wouldn't talk to her) I can't believe that knowing this the guy still married her.

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