Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Own Worst Enemy

Flipping thru the channels last night I came across this talk on C-Span.

The speaker was Randall Larsen, a retired Air Force Colonel, who now specializes in homeland security issues. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that name? What was the matter with Civil or Civic Defense. Homeland Security just sounds too Nazi-esque

Anyway the guy makes some pretty good points. I especially like when he is talking about the woman trying to get drinking water after Hurricane Katrina. In short a fairly well to do woman is complaining about the lines for water and his response is - Take some responsibility for yourself you had 3 days notice this was coming.

I completely agree. I am not a fanatic about preapredness, but I have stuff squirreled away in case. and if worse came to worse I could throw it all in a pack in 5 minutes and be ready to go. My biggest failing is I am bad about keeping gas in the car. I should address that.
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