Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's been feeling kind of lonely the last couple weeks

Readers - don't take this as an attack on all conservatives. I am talking about the completely unhinged group that feels like a vote for John McCain is a vote for Satan himself.

I posted about my liberation from Rush Limbaugh earlier this week and although that was the breaking point over the last couple months I have been feeling uneasy about the way things are going in the Republican party.

Actually for the last couple years. I guess I really started feeling it in 2006 when people started declaring that they were going to sit out the election to teach the Republicans a lesson.

We saw how well that worked out. We lost both houses of congress. Fortunately the margin was small enough that we could still exert some influence. That wasn't enough though now two years later we want to lose the White House. Why? To teach those damn Republicans a lesson.

Well I have news for the people making those threats. No one is interested in the lesson you are teaching. If they were John McCain wouldn't be up by 400 delegates.

Fortunately I am starting to feel less alone on this:

AJ Strata
Hugh Hewitt

and for the record if Romney or Huckabee pull off a miracle and get the nomination I will vote for them.

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