Friday, February 08, 2008

The death of Law and Order

One of my complaints about the Thompson Presidential campaign is that his departure destroyed a perfectly good TV and for what? A mediocre campaign in which his smokin' hot wife didn't even have the decency to show some skin.


Have you guys watched Law and Order recently?

It both sucks and blows!

Jack McCoy's entire purpose in this show now that he is the boss appears to be to be a spineless wimp who is easily intimidated by the new Senior Executive Deputy DA (or whatever his ridiculous title is) and that guys job seems to be to skirt the law on a legally and ethically shaky basic at least once a week.

For example in the episode I watched last night (in which January Jones played a very hot sociopathic killer) he lies to a Grand Jury about the quality of fingerprint evidence, conspires with McCoy to illagaly arrest federal agents, and the agrees to reopen a case on the basis of a lie (at least I think he did that last one).

The show has jumped the shark.

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