Monday, January 14, 2008

Well I think I am pretty much done over at "Just a girl in short shorts"

I realized this weekend that while Becky's writing can be fairly acidic and funny the majority of her commenters piss me off something bad. What finally set me off was actually a fairly mild statement by some guy named randfan who was complaining, as was Becky, about how America was headed for a theocracy and that the election of Mike Huckabee would bring about persecution of gays and bunch of other crap about faith based initiatives and Liberty University being a diploma mill. Like I said mild stuff, but I looked at it and while I restrained myself in my writing pretty well I was ready to f**kin explode. I mean here we have a blog that aims at a group of people that when Ron Paul's racist and homophobic writings were exposed did their best to sweep them under the table and this prick (randfan) has the balls to attack people on the basis that they are homophobes when there is no indication that that is the case. The rest of his BS was just icing on the cake.

Anyway couple that with a few snide remarks over the past couple weeks by another commenter named "hungry mother" who is a snide little jacka** and I just decided to stay the hell away before I say something I will really regret.
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