Saturday, January 19, 2008

McCain Wins SC Primary

McCain, Huckabee, Thompson,

Every winner of the South Carolina Primary since 1980 has become the nominee so thank God it isn't Huckabee or Ron Paul, but man I was hoping for a Thompson win.

The pundits are all saying that Fred Thompson has no choice but to drop out now; I am hoping he sticks a little longer I could go for a McCain / Thompson ticket, although I really wish it was the other way around.

The good thing in all this is in national polling McCain is the only Republican who beats Obama or Clinton. Supposedly a rising tide lifts all boats so maybe if he is the nominee we can get lucky and reclaim a few seats in the House and Senate.

In other election news Mitt Romney took the Nevada caucus with Ron Paul finishing second. Of course the only two competing were Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

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