Thursday, January 31, 2008

Looking Back on President Bush

The Anchoress has what I think is a pretty good look back at the Bush presidency, meanwhile over at Ace of Spades the BDS is in full swing.

Reading people like Bart, BC and Entropy over at Ace's along with recent comments by Rush Limbaugh and others such as Michelle Malkin and Kirby Wilbur of KFI (although I haven't listened to him in about 2 months now) make me glad that I identify as a Republican first conservative second.

I am as conservative as they come, but unlike those I listed above I don't see conservatism as a movement. I see it as a philosophy. Movements are an attempt to coerce others to believe like you do, "look at all the strength we have, join up with us or you'll be sorry". A philosophy is the way you live your own life and an attempt to persuade others. Conservatives have apparently moved beyond persuassion in their insistence that everyone believe as they do or they are unworthy of even basic respect and while President Bush has made some mistakes he is still worthy of that respect.

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