Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred's out

As my loyal readers (all 3 of them) know I was initially skeptical about Fred's entry into the race but with the choices out there he was the best of a bad lot so I have been kinda supporting him. That support has been wasted. As of today Fred is out of the race:

McLean, VA - Senator Fred Thompson today issued the following statement about his campaign for President:

“Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”

At this point the only person who has a chance of defeating Hillary or Obama is John McCain and while I hate some of his positions, particularly McCain-Feingold, I can live with him. Would Romney be better? Maybe. Does he have a chance to win? No.

That in mind I hereby now pronounce myself a McCainiac (of course this means I can no longer be a true conservative in the eyes of Red State or most of the commenters at Ace of Spades, but honestly F*ck them if they can't see that McCain is light years ahead of Hillary and Obama)

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