Monday, December 03, 2007

I was a slug over the weekend -

so here is some catch-up

First - Civilian casualties in Iraq are down for the third consecutive month. Also US casualties are at their lowest since Nov 2003.

Good news.

I also heard on NPR that the US Military feels if this level of stabilization continues they will be able to accelerate the redeployment of US troops.

Second - Hugo Chavez lost in his bid to change Venezuela's constitution. The power grab was just a little to obvious even for a country in which 2/3 of the population supported his bid for re-election last year.

Third - I have now gone two weeks in my self-imposed KVI boycott. Amazingly, considering at least 50% of my radio time used to be spent on that station, I feel no loss.

Of course I still hope they go bankrupt and are replaced by all Al Franken all the time (not that I would listen too him but it would be fitting for the turds).

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