Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I know blogging has been light

but I just haven't had that much to say.

Maybe I have worn myself out arguing over at Becky's page (links aren't working for some reason. thanks Blogger) . I have been contrarian but polite and that takes energy. If she wasn't cute I would probably drop back into the piss up a rope mode that I normally am in when discussing Ron Paul and other associated Libertarian ideas.

Actually I am pretty sure she is smarter than me (well that isn't that hard according to people at work most semi-retard chimps are smarter than me) and since I am posting at her blog I feel an obligation to put forward a good argument, not the drivel I spew here.

Anyway I have been trying to convert her and her band of fellow Ron Paul miscreants back to the golden light which is the Republican party. I haven't been having much luck.

I feel guilty though. I can't get at Independent Sources during the day so my posting there has basically dropped off to zero. I really need to fix that.

I guess that is about it on the Kuru Lounge front.
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