Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I hate KVI

KVI (570 AM) use to be the best talk station in town with a line up of Kirby Wilbur, Rush Limbaugh, John Carlson, various people in the 6 to 9 pm slot. Over the years the have degenerated. They fired Michael Medved and replaced him with Sean Hannity, who I think is a no talent loudmouth, they lost Rush Limbaugh to another station, Kirby Wilbur fell victim to the same problems as Michelle Malkin and is just shrill now, and they paired John Carlson with a liberal named Ken Schram and destroyed his show. Plus the put the craptastic Mark Levine on. The only saving grace was Bryan Suits and they fired him over the weekend.

Well screw KVI I will never listen to them again. If I have my way they will go bankrupt and be replaced by some Air America franchise, they deserve it the rotten scumbags.
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