Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From the be careful what you wish for files

Supreme Court to Hear DC Gun Ban Case - Determine if 2nd Amendment confers an individual right.

The Dems have to be sweating this one out. If the court sides with the individual rights interpretation they will take a ton of shit for not filibustering Roberts and Alito. If they side with DC on this matter every gun owner in the world is likely to vote Republican in the hope of getting another shot (hehe I said shot while talking about guns. God I am clever. OK not really but maybe you guys will think I am and my traffic will skyrocket) at appointing a more gun friendly justice.

Another possibility is that armed rebellion will break out - After all for years I have been seeing bumper stickers that promise the only way the owner will give up his gun is when they pry it from his cold dead fingers. I mean if it's on a bumper sticker it must be true. Right? Isn't that like an implied contract? (God we can only hope. I am a gun owner and a VERY strong proponent of the 2nd amendment but from what I have seen most people (at least in Western Washington) who put those bumper stickers on their car are genetic rejects., at least in Western washington. The same types who ride around with vicious dogs in the back of an open pick-up truck and think it's funny when they scare kids or attack other dogs. Sorry I am projecting here. So anyway...)

I don't know how this is gonna shake out but I do know either way at least 50% of the country is gonna be very unhappy.

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