Thursday, November 01, 2007

Civilian Casualties Down In Iraq For Second Consecutive Month shows a 25% decrease from Sep '07 and a 65% decrease from Aug '07. I know I saw the AP numbers somewhere showing a 15% decrease from Sep '07 but I can't find the link sorry.

I'm not willing to call this a trend yet. I would say with the surge in place casualties are trending downward. It's kind of like calling winning two games of baseball a streak. No, it's two in a row three is a streak. Anyway I am feeling pretty positive about this and I am hoping that this early success continues.

Just as an aside wouldn't it be cool if we could continue even a 4% monthly decrease in casualties until Petraeus testifies again in March. That would definitely make it harder for Congress to argues the surge isn't succeeding.

*corrected the spelling of civilian in the title*

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