Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wow, this has to hurt

This, sadly, is the sort of tendentious, self-important, sloppily reasoned book that gives feminism a bad name.

and why you ask would the NY Times give a book such a horrible review?

With “The Terror Dream,” Susan Faludi has taken the momentous subject of 9/11 and come to the conclusion that it led to ... an assault on the freedom and independence of American women. In the wake of 9/11, she argues, the great American cultural machine churned out a myth meant to “restore the image of an America invulnerable to attack” — “the illusion of a mythic America where women needed men’s protection and men succeeded in providing it.”

We must live in a very different world because I look around and I don't see women being locked up for their protection or America being presented as invulnerable to attack. Except for sitcoms which just ignore the subject America is constatntly shown as being under attack. Hell look at "24" America has been nuked at least 17 times in that show and the entire premise there is super agent Jack Bauer preventing 9/11 style attacks.

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