Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stop the ACLU hits the problem with Michelle Malkin perfectly

My growing disenchantment with Michelle Malkin is no secret. Today Stop the ACLU perfectly sums up my feelings towards her.

There is no doubt Malkin is smart, a talented writer and hot, but she is also a shrill and I hate that. For years no matter what action the Bush administration takes it has been wrong in her eyes. If you disagree with her one iota on any subject you are an appeaser or driving the US towards dhimmitude. It gets old.

It's too bad because she used to be one of my favorite columnists and when she would call into the Kirby Wilbur show she would always have something interesting to say. Now I just tend to avoid her.

(Plus the fact that she has aligned with that blowhard Bill O'Reilly makes me want to vomit)

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