Friday, October 05, 2007

Saudi's to completely overhaul legal system -

I blame Bush!!!!

Oh Wait this is a positive thing. Ummm.... Despite the growing unpopularity of President Bush the Saudi Arabian government announced the reform of it's legal system today. A royal family spokesman stated, "While we deplore Mr. Limbaugh's condemantion of those soldiers opposed to the Iraq war as 'phony soldiers' we had no choice but to proceed with these reforms".

OK now the real story:

Saudi Arabia has announced an overhaul of its judicial system, including the allocation of $2bn (£981m) for training judges and building new courts.

The reforms, by royal decree, will lead to the creation of a supreme court, an appeals court and new general courts to replace the Supreme Judicial Council.

Reformers have welcomed the measures, which they say will improve human rights and help modernise the country.

They complain that the current judicial system is often opaque and arbitrary.

source: BBC

Personally I think the royal family is tired of the influence Wahabi clerics have in the country and this is a move to curtail some of their power. The conclusion of the article seem to support me on this:

Saudi reformers say the changes will chip away at the unchecked powers of the conservative clerics, who lead the judiciary.

Although Islamic law will remain at the heart of the system, they argue that both human rights and the business environment will benefit from the overhaul.

The king will appoint the head of the Supreme Court. The reformers say he is interested in modernisation so he is likely to choose someone who will further his plans, our correspondent says.

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