Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Been in San Diego again

Flew down on Sunday, headed back today.

Was testing a power supply, everything went pretty well for once. the only hitch being trying to get back today. The test lab quoted us 3.5 days which I knew was too long but all my travel was based on it. We finished in a day and a half so I came to the airport and scheduled a flight for this afternoon. Now of course it is delayed. The board says 30 minutes but knowing Alaska it will be 30 hours. Another Alaska annoyance - the only counters staffed were the E-Ticket counter and of course there were only two customer service reps and when I tried to do the electronic ticket thing it kicked me out and told me I had to see a Customer Service Rep. meanwhile this woman and her husband are blocking everything repacking their 57 bags at one baggage check area and some Mexican guy is doing the same at the other. You'd think they could say I'm sorry Sir / Ma'am but you are holding everyone up could you please move to one side to sort through your dirty underwear. I mean if it was me I wouldn't even have to be asked. I hate Alaska Airlines.

(I haven't written about my trip on Alaska last month because everytime I try I just get so angry again I feel like I am going to have a stroke)

On the good side I ate at a pretty nice restaurant right on the beach in Del Mar, The Posedien, food was OK but the view was great. Used valet parking for the first time in my life (had too it was all that was available). Fortunately the test lab was picking up the tab. I had fish tacos and a tonic with lime the guy from the had fish tacos with iced tea. The tab came out to $82.00 with tip.

Another plus - I saw "The Kingdom" excellent movie. The politics were pretty low keyed but it was definitely more pro-American that anti-American which is rare anymore.

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