Thursday, October 04, 2007

2 new sites added to the coveted Kuru Lounge blogroll

for coveted read "to be avoided at all costs" but anyway they are there now:

Back Talk found this site via Belmont Club . Has some really interesting reading. The post on the correlation between Mahdi Army activity (which I will be posting about separately) really has me reconsidering some of my previously held ideas about the situation in Iraq.

Indigenous Geek Dave (the owner) apparently visited at one time and added me to his blogroll. In all the traffic and comments I get swamped with on a daily basis I didn't find out until yesterday. Oops I'm sorry I must have been channeling a successful blog owner. I meant that through carelessness on my part I didn't realize he had added me. I don't agree with everything (or actually much) on the site but it is interesting / amusing and worth a read.

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