Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hmmm I think Greenpeace and the children of the world have declared war on me

From now on every kid I see in a hoodie is a potential enemy until proven otherwise. If they start looking at me I will feel justified in gunning them down in self defense. It they speak to me I will feel justified in deploying a tactical nuke. This is war baby.

Seriously what the hell is Greenpeace trying to accomplish here? If I was a parent and my kid talked to me that way I would lock them in a closet until they were 25. I may or may not feed them and hose them off once a week. Just for good measure I am going to go buy a herd of cows and breed them to emit 1000 times the methane of ordinary cows just so I can speed up global warming. Threaten me will you you little shit.

h/t Rightwingsparkle

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