Sunday, August 09, 2009

I am disgusted

Dan Riehl and R.S. McCain have decided that a leftist blogger named Jesse Griffin (aka Gryphen) of Anchorage Alaska needs to be destroyed.

His crime - he posted on his blog that Sarah and Todd Palin were divorcing. That blog post stirred up the sinistrosphere and made it onto CNN, but the story was apparently made up out of whole cloth. This caused McCain and Riehl to decide to expose Griffin and make an example of him.

I don't have any problem with exposing the source of the rumor and showing his lack of credibility but it has now gone to the point of insinuating that he is a child molester without, in my mind at least, a shred of credible proof.

Here is Riehl making the insinuations (and here) and here is McCain selectively highlighting quotes from Griffin's blog to try and make it appear that he is advocating sex with children.

Both of these guys are much bigger, much better, bloggers than I am, and hell they may be much smarter too I don't know, so there is a possibility that I am going to get smacked around a bit on this. All I know is that in my opinion they have crossed an ethical line and I think it's disgusting. (and no this is not a Rule 4 post. I have no intention of engaging in a blogwar. I have said my piece and I intend to leave the subject alone after this.)

Addendum: I feel guilty about posting this because Smitty and RS McCain have been pretty good about throwing links my way and generally have treated me pretty good. I appreciate that and I have a lot of respect for McCain's ability as a blogger but I really feel strongly about this.

Addendum 2: RS McCain, in his latest post, says I misinterpreted his intentions. I have no reason to doubt him so I hereby offer apologies to him. I also posted my apologies in the comments for his post. I will also offer these apologies in a separate post if McCain feels that would be appropriate.

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