Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Around the Moronosphere 8/5/09

Betsy - Promises they can't and therefore won't keep

John Stossel looks at the impossible promises that the Democrats are making in their health care proposals. They are promising to lower costs and expand coverage. How can we cover more people and not have higher costs? It just doesn't pass a simple test of logic.


The Democrats are promising the squeeze the costs from Medicare coverage. But we know that that won't happen because seniors will protest and politicians will respond. Remember back to 1989 when senior citizens beat on Dan Rostenkowski's car?


So when the seniors protest and the politicians cave, all that will be left are taxes. As James Pethokoukis outlines, there are quite a few reasons (he has five) why Obama will have to raise taxes. The budget math doesn't work and Obama and those surrounding him have already shown their predilection for raising taxes.

Instapundit - Be careful what you wish for - Obama wanted voters to "get in their faces" now that they are in the face of the dems they are worried about mob rule.

bonus videos

Little Green Footballs - All Hail Octavia

U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt

Slashdot - Windows 7 Reviewed and Benchmarked

The Other McCain - Tracks down and reveals the Gryphen (a.k.a. Jesse Griffin) who was responsible for the Sarah Palin divorce rumors over the weekend.

I hate to say it, but... - Weak Stuff. Yeah the guy is obviously a lying sleazeball but last I checked that in and of itself wasn't illegal and yeah the stuff he is putting on his blog isn't appropriate for kindergartners but again not illegal and isn't it the parents responsibility to review site content before they let the precious little ones visit. When you have proof of him making death threats against the Palins or actually attempting to bugger school kids get back to me until then he is just another liberal douchebag with a hate-on for Sarah Palin.

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