Saturday, September 24, 2005

Proudly branded a Dumbass by Paul at Wizbang

I will now wear it as a badge of honor. I think I am even going to have T-Shirts made since the are about 5,999,999,999 potential customers out there. Maybe only 5,999,999,998 since I haven't seen him call Kevin a dumbass yet.

My response to Pauls latest diatribe preserved for all eternity:

Your right I am unrepetant you arrogant abusive prick. I didnn't say there was no flooding I said that the offical said there was no flooding in New Orleans proper, which could have been true. In one of your responses to a comment you made the point that most of the flooding was occuring in parishes outside New Orleans proper. Since you didn't address the items about the flood subsiding, or the technical aspect of breaching vs. overtopping with channeling or erosion I will assume you are focusing on the least important aspect of my post because you know you are both wrong and a complete jackass. Have a nice life knowing that you are better than everyone else,if and when the hat is passed on your behalf again I hope people will remember what a miserable asswipe you are. Rot and Die turdbag. See I can be just as insulting as you and just so my eloquence wont be lost when you delete my comment you coward I will post it on my blog also. I would post the entire string and all the comments but you stike me as such a whiny pussy that you would complain about copyright issues.

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