Saturday, June 09, 2018

Working on a very basic linux guide

I have been taking some SANS course lately and they build a number of tools, like the SIFT Forensics Toolkit, and REMnux, that are based on Linux.  I also have to use Kali, Metasploit and Security Onion, for work. Finally, I am trying to compete in NetWars, also Linux intensive.  My Linux knowledge is kind of intermediate, I can do most tasks, but it's not natural to me like Windows. so I am trying to put together a guide based on users of my approximate skill level that deals with common tasks I encounter.  SANS does a 1 hour Intro to Linux at some of their conferences / events, but that isn't quite enough, and spending hours pouring thru books and videos to accomplish tasks in netwars or for class is not in the cards, so I am writing my little guide.  It will be really basic stuff but a little more in-depth in some areas than the SANS Intro and maybe a little more broad ranging.  Since most of the SANS Tools are based on Ubuntu I will probably concentrate there.
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