Tuesday, June 05, 2018

What I'm reading 6/5/2018

Ars Technica - Researchers predict economic downturn if fossil fuel investment goes unchecked -
 An economic downturn on the level of the 2008 recession is coming if we keep investing in fossil fuels, researchers say. If fossil fuel-producing countries like the US, Canada, and Russia don't guide their economies away from oil, gas, and coal, then low-carbon technology could render at least some of those investments worthless. According to a paper in Nature Climate Change, approximately $1 trillion to $4 trillion could be lost from the global economy, even taking into account the fact that the Trump administration has hit the brakes on a lot of climate change policy in the US.
Information Security Buzz -One Third Of Business Decision Makers Would Pay Hacker’s Ransom Demands Rather Than Invest In More Security, NTT Security Risk:Value Report Reveals -
  One third of global business decision makers report that their organisation would try to cut costs by considering paying a ransom demand from a hacker rather than invest in information security. In the UK, this figure drops to a fifth (21 per cent) of respondents. The findings from the 2018 Risk:Value Report, commissioned by NTT Security, the specialised security company of NTT Group, show that another 30 per cent in the UK are not sure if they would pay or not, suggesting that only around half are prepared to invest in security to proactively protect the business.

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