Monday, June 18, 2018

Weird Dream Alert

Very weird dream last night.  I was selected to facilitate a SANS Sec660 course that was being put together at the last minute.  I fly down to San Francisco and the course is being held in what looks like a high school auditorium in the back of the shoe department of  a VERY rundown down department store.I get there and the it turns out my boss's boss and a couple co-workers are also attending and they aren't happy that I am there because this was supposed to be a secret session of this class, but the auditorium is packed.  At least 500 people.  No equipment setup except an old carousel slide projector which the instructor is using to show vacation slides not anything realted to the class.  He does that then calls a break.  I keep trying to get coffee and the cup keeps breaking.  And when I get back there are about 600 messages at my seat all of which are nonsense.  The entire dream was just an exercise in frustration.

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