Monday, June 04, 2018

Riot Season Begins in Portland - What I am reading 6/4/2018

Fox News - Portland rallies turn violent as Antifa members clash with Patriot Prayer rally, four arrested

Not much to say, I've lived here 6 years now and this seems to be an annual occurrence.  

MSNBC - California's GOP is collapsing. Is that a sign for Republicans nationwide? -

They have been saying this since Pete Wilson was Governor.  The answer is no, it's a sign that California is collapsing.

Fox News - Aliens are real, but humans will probably kill them all, new paper says -

I'll just refer you here 

Gizmodo - Microsoft Reportedly Set to Acquire GitHub, Deal Could Happen Monday -

Despite Microsoft’s recent decision to open its arms to open source, there are plenty of skeptics, especially within the GitHub community. The response on the GitHub subreddit is overwhelmingly negative, with many commenting that they plan to jump ship to GitLab, an alternative code repository service.
Man, I can just hear the developer heads popping.

Economist - American tech giants are making life tough for startups -

Anything having to do with the consumer internet is perceived as dangerous, because of the dominance of Amazon, Facebook and Google (owned by Alphabet). Venture capitalists are wary of backing startups in online search, social media, mobile and e-commerce. It has become harder for startups to secure a first financing round. According to Pitchbook, a research company, in 2017 the number of these rounds were down by around 22% from 2012.
I keep saying it's notthe Comcast's we have to worry about strangling startups and innovation it's the other Silicon Valley companies but people keep huffing about Net Neutrality.

The Register - 'Tesco probably knows more about me than GCHQ': Infosec boffins on surveillance capitalism -

The systematic data collection by intel agencies has been facilitated by the business models of companies like Facebook and Google. The internet habits of hundreds of millions are collected by these firms in the interests of targeting ads and this data also provides a high source of intelligence for governments as well as presenting a privacy risk in its own right.
"Tesco probably knows more about me than GCHQ," as one delegate put it.
There was little appetite among speakers, who took a generally libertarian view, for tighter regulation against the likes of Facebook, much less dismemberment of the privacy-chaffing social network.

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