Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What I am reading 6/12/2018

Belmont Club - The Rocket Man and the Dotard -
For some, 2018 has been a year of disappointing clarity. Speaking from his hotel suite by Lake Zurich, billionaire patron of liberal causes George Soros lamented the fate of the globalized world. "Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong," he said:
What went horribly wrong for Soros in 2018 was the future he believed in and poured his fortune into creating disappeared. The real future, to the anxious anticipation of Angela Merkel and many ordinary citizens, is about to make its appearance. What will it be?
The article is an examination of globalization and the effect it has had on the world order. In general I am a free trader, but I am willing to consider the idea that I may have been wrong so I enjoy articles like this.

Seattle PI - Connelly: City Hall tosses in the towel on Seattle's employee head tax -

The Seattle City Council will meet at noon on Tuesday, and will likely vote to repeal the $275-per-full time worker "head tax" on large employers that it voted for unanimously just last month.
It had to be done.  Seattle is in no position to bite the Amazon hand that feeds them.  Amazon is already searching for a location for a second headquarters.  Further shifting of growth would greatly impact the city.

Ars Technica - For almost 11 years, hackers could easily bypass 3rd-party macOS signature checks -
For almost 11 years, hackers have had an easy way to get macOS malware past the scrutiny of a host of third-party security tools by tricking them into believing the malicious wares were signed by Apple, researchers said Tuesday.

Digital signatures are a core security function for all modern operating systems. The cryptographically generated signatures make it possible for users to know with complete certainty that an app was digitally signed with the private key of a trusted party. But, according to the researchers, the mechanism many macOS security tools have used since 2007 to check digital signatures has been trivial to bypass. As a result, it has been possible for anyone to pass off malicious code as an app that was signed with the key Apple uses to sign its apps
Alpha Street - Netflix suffers first massive global outage -
Netflix acknowledged the outage on its Twitter channel that they are aware of the issue. The issue was sorted out by 7PM ET, when the company tweeted, “The streaming issues we reported earlier have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience, and as always, happy streaming!”

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