Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2018 Resolution Update

The first month of 2018 has come to a close so lets update where we stand on resolutions

1.  Work as a facilitator at a SANS event (I have applied to 3) - I was accepted as a facilitator at SANS Anaheim.  Unfortunately I had to decline because of a schedule conflict.  Ongoing, but completed in spirit.

2.  Attend DefCon 26, this time as a non-noob.

2a.  Attend at least one pool party at DefCon 26.  Hopefully not everyone will flee in terrorI have lost 10 pounds since posting this.  Going to try and continue losing (although at a slower rate up til DefCon.  They may still be horrified but may not flee)

2b.  Try and talk work into paying for me to also attend BlackHat. - I have broached the subject and been rejected.  I will continue trying.

3.  Develop a talk to present at a conference - I have decided on a subject
3a.  Actually submit the talk - not yet

4.  Go to Dubai
4a.  Get a passport so I can go to Dubai - application completed

5.  This is the biggie - Complete The GIAC GRID and GCIP certs, also GPEN.  Complete OSCP have one CCNP exam complete by 12/31/2018. - ongoing.  GRID and GPEN scheduled.
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