Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Time for a #FreeStacy response?

Let me start out by saying I am not a follower of R. S. McCain, I have in the past, but our views diverged on some issue I don't remember and I just stopped, but I have attempted to maintain cordial relations with him and his co-blogger Smitty.

Anyway McCain was kicked off twitter.  I know big deal right, except it is, McCain is loud and controversial and his controversial views appear to be what got him kicked off.  And this seems to follow a pattern of twitter harassing conservatives for their views especially since the institution of their Truth and Justice (really Trust and Safety Council).

The only real response is economic - on a specific date and time everyone following the #FreeStacy hashtag should close their account.   Doing it in drips and drops won't accomplish anything it needs to be all or nothing.

The other alternative which I think would be endlessly hilarious but which I do not in any way advocate as it would be harassment would be for all RS McCain's followers to report al the Trust and Safety Council members to the Trust and Safety Council for making twitter unsafe.  Do it over and over and over.  (DO NOT DO THIS I AM SURE IT WILL GET YOU BANNED)

A third response which would be almost as funny would be for McCain to post his tweets on his blog and his followers to copy and past them to twitter endlessly.  (AGAIN I AM PRETTY SURE THIS IS A SHORT ROAD TO BANNING, DON"T DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE AIMING FOR SUSPENSION)

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