Sunday, January 03, 2016

52 Weeks of @LindseyPelas - Week 18 Batman Underoos?

It's a new year with new possibilities but one certainty - I am going to keep inflicting my stupidity upon you via this blog and twitter and a number of other sneaky mediums that you don't even suspect yet.  To make it more palatable here is this weeks Lindsey Pelas post.

Obviously Ms Pelas is a DC fan, and yes that does diminish her appeal in my eyes.  That loss can however be easily regained by wearing a Punisher T-Shirt or publicly admitting her love of The Baroque Cycle.

Note:  Of course I am joking, She is free to wear whatever underwear she wants.  However, if Lindsey (yes I promoted myself to a first name basis) wants to read The Baroque Cycle - well geeks of the world will spontaneously nerdgasm I am sure.  Hell I would even pay for the damn books just to see how they handle her walking around with a copy of System of the World on TMZ.

Note 2:  Marvel Rules DC Drools
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