Wednesday, November 04, 2015

You know I liked Instapundit a lot better before he allowed comments

On a break and I decide to check out Instapundit where I see this article decrying the politicization of everything, a position that I basically agree with but implement imperfectly - for example I won't eat at Chipotle because, aside from the fact that I don't want E-Coli induced bloody diarrhea, I fundamentally disagree with their position on GMOs, and I try to avoid Ed Harris movies because of the way he and his wife behaved when Elia Kazan was given an award at the Academy Awards, but those are personal choices and I don't try and force them on anyone else or get angry at people who disagree with me over them.

Apparently, that feeling is not shared by the commenters at Instapundit. Most of whom seem incredibly angry that someone would even suggest such a thing.  I read a few of the comments and I realize that I really liked Instapundit a whole lot better before he started accommodating the angry hordes, who frankly need to learn to STFU occassionally.  I mean I understand you don't like the way things are and where they are headed.  Frankly neither do I, but you guys are a huge cause of the problem, and Rush Limbaugh is completely to blame for where this country is at right now.  I understand that he doesn't like John McCain, I don't agree with McCain on everything either, but his actions in 2008 are what handed Barack Obama the election.

The same thing has happened over at Ace of Spades.  The comment section used to be profane, rowdy and fun but slowly (and I blame AllenG Dedicated Tenther and his "Barack Obama is s stuttering clusterf**k of a miserable tyrant / failure" comments in every single motherf***ing comment thread for this) the have just become mean and angry.  I only go to the book thread comments now and even they are going that direction.
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