Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Just a short one today - Oh yeah my @LindseyPelas dilemma is solved

When last we met I was wondering whether to pursue a 365 days of Lindsey Pelas (@LindseyPelas) or a 52 weeks of Lindsey strategy.  Well a power outage made my decision for me I missed two days of posting so 52 weeks it is (apparently my obsessions are not stronger than my laziness).

Monster Hunter Nation - Sad Puppies 3: Looking at the Results -
The real winner this year was Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies. Yep. You CHORFing idiots don’t seem to realize that Brad, Sarah, and I were the reasonable ones who spent most of the summer talking Vox out of having his people No Award the whole thing to burn it down, but then you did it for him. He got the best of both worlds. Oh, but now you’re going to say that Three Body Problem won, and that’s a victory for diversity! You poor deluded fools… That was Vox’s pick for best novel. That’s the one most of the Rabid Puppies voted for too.
Here’s something for you crowing imbeciles to think through, the only reason Vox didn’t have Three Body Problem on his nomination slate was that he read it a month too late. If he’d read it sooner, it would have been an RP nomination… AND THEN YOU WOULD HAVE NO AWARDED IT.
Honestly the Hugos have been meaningless to me for year, ever since I read about some idiot who wanted to strip Heinlein of his awards because he was a racist misogynist, so I only followed all this with a certain cynical detachment.  I also really don't understand this idea that WorldCon determines who true fans (or Fandom) are.  I have been a SciFi fan since I first read "You Will Go to the Moon"
(and yes I used the dreaded term SciFi, Fuck you Harlan Ellison) I don't need theirpermission to be a fan.  

As far as I am concerned the Hugo and the people who award them can fall off the face of the earth and it won't impact me a bit.  That appears to be what is preparing to happen.  My hope is that Sad Puppies 4 will start their own award that will be given on the same day and time as next years Hugos and hopefully upstage it quite a bit.

Wired - 12 Must Follow Feeds in the World of Security -

I'm not sure I consider Mr. Robot a must follow but I do follow or have followed at some point most of these feeds.

Discussing World Con pissed me off so lets have something lighthearted to cheer us up -

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