Saturday, June 20, 2015

Interesting Series on Software Defined Networking

 I was planning on integrating this is with a couple other things, but I was deathly ill yesterday (as I posted on my twitter feed but did I get any sympathy? Nooooooo...) so it didn't happen.

Anyway at work I am on a team that is trying to increase security and integrate some ideas for smart substation implementation while moving towards NERC-CIP v.5 compliance.  (I know, I know, "but Chad you're a moron.  How can you be on this team?"  I said I was on it not that I contributed anything useful)

As part of that effort we had a vendor visit a few days ago.  Part of their demo was a discussion of their newest SDN switch.  I have to admit that I am only vaguely familiar with SDN (as in I know that they are 3 letters in the alphabet) but I knew enough to ask a couple reasonably intelligent (hah!) questions, recognize that the rest of the team was immediately smitten by this new threat to my professional existence and realize I better start doing some reading on the subject.  Google being my friend (well no, Google hates me like everyone else but being a computer program it does have to return answers) I found this series of articles: The New Stack - SDN Series

I admit I haven't read all of them yet but I have skimmed them all and they seem fairly straightforward, easily understandable and relatively well written.  Of course these aren't going to be my only resource but "Software Define Networks for people to dumb for the For Dummies books"  hasn't released yet.
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