Thursday, May 21, 2015

Two Things

which no one will read but which I will post anyway -

1.  Rand Paul (blech) pulled a filibuster yesterday to protest the possible re-authorization of the Patriot Act (or at least re-authorization of section 215).  Paul like his father is a douche not my cup of tea but it got me thinking -  If I was a Republican running for President, who wanted to stand out, one of the moves I would make, to appeal to millennials among others, would be to commit to appointing a Special Adviser on Privacy and Civil Liberties.

2.  Over at Ars Technica they have an article regarding Brianna Wu's latest death threat saga.  Apparently she can't get the cops to take it seriously.  Or at least she claims she can't.  The threat sounds serious enough that if I were the cops I would at least be paying the guy a visit, and maybe they have.  I don't know.  I am however slightly conflicted about this:

2.1.  I, kind of, in a general way, support the claimed goals of Gamer Gate. Like a lot of people I get tired of having someone social / political agenda shoved down my throat when all I want to do is read about a movie or a video game (Boing Boing I am directly referencing your shitty Mad Max Fury Road review).  However I am also a grown up so I do the grown up thing.  I don't buy their product and move on.

2.2.  I find Brianna Wu unpleasant (at least in the couple interviews I have seen.  I have no intimate knowledge of her personality) and if I recall correctly she started trolling GamerGaters and sort of injected herself into the on going spat.

2.3.  Despite my tepid support of the general GamerGate philosophy and my mild dislike of Wu the idea that anyone thinks it's OK to make death threats for fun is just wrong.  If you think that it is in anyway OK please sterilize yourself now before you reproduce.  If you already reproduced please put your children up for adoption and then sterilize yourself.

2.4 On the other hand - all you anti-GamerGaters who feel like it's OK to brand everyone who disagrees with Wu, Quinn, Sarkinean etc. as a subhuman idiot who deserves to die or be put in prison - Please go f**k yourselves too.

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