Sunday, May 24, 2015

F/U Re: Brianna Wu

A couple days ago I linked to an article on Ars Technica regarding Brianna Wu's attempt to get the police to respond to a threat she had received.  Apparently one of the reasons that no action was taken by the Columbus DA / Police is that no report was made.

This situation is exactly why I said:

"Apparently she can't get the cops to take it seriously.  Or at least she claims she can't."


"I find Brianna Wu unpleasant (at least in the couple interviews I have seen.  I have no intimate knowledge of her personality) and if I recall correctly she started trolling GamerGaters and sort of injected herself into the on going spat."
Because I had a feeling there might be a little  not getting the whole story, involved somewhere, but I stand by the original post and reiterate that if you feel the need to call and harass someone and make graphic threats please sterilze yourself now.  The two situations are not mutually exclusive.

Thanks to Wooo Weee, in the comments on the original post, who provided links.  I used the one I did because it is a local paper that might carry a little more authority with some rather than a Breitbart link.

Also - I should note that in the original article at Ars, a number of people were pilloried for suggesting this very scenario.  Some of them were just general dicks, but those who weren't deserve an apology.  

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