Friday, January 09, 2015

I can't really think of a good title so - Meet Mia Khalifa death threat receiving hijab wearing porn star.

Irony thy name is ...  well Mia Khalifa I guess:

Social media in Lebanon is fighting on moral grounds over the rise of 21-year-old homegrown porn star Mia Khalifa.
In a number of clips, Khalifa is seen performing sexual acts while wearing a hijab. Naturally, some don’t approve.
I'm sure there will be a beheading video soon, which is a shame because she is actually pretty cute.

NY Post via JWF

Death threats

Newsweek - Meet Mia Khalifa, the Lebanese Porn Star Who Sparked a National Controversy -
Most of the hatred Khalifa gets on social media comes from Lebanese men who have seen her movies, she says. Death threats are not uncommon.
So they watch her movies, jack-off, then get on twitter and call her an apostate whore and threaten to kill her?  Seems kind of hypocritical and the kind of thing a real prophet would convince God to punish, but who am I to judge their fake fucking religion?

Maybe we should set Mia Khalifa as a trigger point - if she dies for any reason before they age of 97 we nuke Lebanon until it is a glowing hole in the ground.

In case the slide show didn't come thru above, this is the huge threat to Islam we are talking about:

She has a twitter feed which varies between somewhat amusing and NSFW.  @miakhalifa
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