Thursday, February 28, 2013

MIT Gets Swatted and Other Stuff 2/28/2013

MIT Gets Swatted

In honor of Aaron Swartz.
The alleged gunman was heading toward the administrative offices. It was all part of a larger plan: retaliation, according to MIT, against "the people involved in the suicide of Aaron Swartz."
Haven't heard about this? Thankfully, it's because no shooting took place on February 23 at MIT. The police thoroughly checked out the situation and declared the reports of a gunman to be false shortly after 10:30 am. The situation was the result of what's being called an elaborate hoax, still unsolved and being investigated as of yesterday.

How a Social Network Dies
when the costs–the time and effort–associated with being a member of a social network outweigh the benefits, then the conditions are ripe for a general exodus. The thinking is that if one person leaves, then his or her friends become more likely to leave as well and this can cascade through the network causing a collapse in membership.
Personally I think Facebook exceeded that ratio long ago but that's me.

Group accesses Bank of America server- claims to have proof B of A monitored activist groups

Of course they were monitoring them, for one thing those groups were protesting them and at one point had launched DDoS attacks and at another had hacked them.

Bob Woodward seems to be at war with the White House

First He challenges them on who actually came up with the sequester (Obama) then he says Obama is exhibiting a special kind of madness that he hasn't seen in a long time by pulling an aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf and now he releases and e-mail in which an administration official threatens him for challenging the administration.

Woo Hoo way to make friends and influence people guys.

5 Mistakes Political Pundits Make All The Time

Well really it's one mistake. Assuming they know what they are talking about but if the want to parse it down to five I'm not going to complain.

More on Woodward

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