Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bush Family Emails Hacked

I know I am at least a day late and a dollar short on this story, but on Thursday (2/7/2013) "The Smoking Gun" published excerpts and images from emails stolen from the accounts of several Bush family members. 

I know, "Ho-Hum another day another  hack."  Right?

From what I have seen the emails themselves are pretty mild, the most interesting thing was that the Bush children apparently hold Bill Clinton in much lower regard than Bush 41 does (or at least that was what I inferred). 

The reaction was also pretty much what I expected:  About 70% calling for the death of Bush 43 for his crimes against humanity, 15% defending the former President, and 15% just plain creeped out by the idea of people getting their jollies from hacking other peoples emails and then sites like "The Smoking Gun" publishing the results. 

Like I said no real surprises - Except... I spotted one little conspiracy thread that tweaked my interest:  Apparently a few people think that this intrusion was staged as an excuse to shut down the internet.  I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to work, apparently hacking the Fed and various government websites isn't reason enough to cut access but releasing some fairly innocuous family emails from a currently unpopular political family is??  Not quite sure that makes sense but the idea is out there.

So here is the question - What if all non critical internet access was shut off tomorrow like the conspiracy buff theorize?  Would we be better off or worse off?  The internet as most people think about it has only been around about 20 years.  I mean ARPAnet and NSFnet were around much longer but it was only in the early 90's that public access was opened up.  More than that facebook and twitter have been around less that 10 years.  Are we as a society now so dependent that loss of these services would cause us to plunge into a societal tailspin? Who benefits (besides the postal service)?

Anyway just some Saturday food for thought.  Oh and since it is Caturday -

Kat Dennings  :-)

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