Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Gov't Site Taken Down

or claimed at least .  More

So apparently OpLastResort continues in honor of Aaron Swartz.  In related news The Guardian published details about the FBI's investigation into Swartz's downloading of 18,000,000(?) documents from PACER.  Pretty bland reading actually.  The investigation appears to have been 3 phone calls and a web search.

Apple hacked - same thing as yesterday Java enabled in browsers and users visited a compromised site.  Apple says they are releasing a tool to resolve the issue.  Related AllThingsD looks at the security research team at Apple.

OOPS - the lead detective in the Oscar Pistorious case is also face attempted murder charges.

Georgia proposes repealing the 17th amendment (Direct Election of Senators).  Interesting question, The way things were originally set up the House represented the people, the Senate represented the states and the Executive branch represented the federal government.  That model was broken with the 17th amendment.  I'm not sure it can be restored (and honestly while I am an originalist / intentionalist I'm not sure that it should be the Senate was much more corrupt under the 17th amendment than now).  The biggest issue I see with trying to restore it, other than resistance from voters, is that too many federal rights have been incorporated down to the state level for it to be a meaningful act and the only way around that would be to reverse the incorporation of those rights.  I would rather have the guarantee of free speech at both the federal and state level that senators elected by state legislatures.

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