Thursday, September 08, 2011

I'm starting to like the cut of this Huntsman fellow's jib...

I don't agree with him completely on everything of course (for example Global Warming, while I believe that man may be a contributor I'm not sure that I agree that we are the main driver, especially in light of the recent CERN research on cloud formation and the decrease in temps following the lull in sunspot activity), but he does come of as intelligent and both reasonable and reasoning and seems to have concrete ideas on how to address most of the countries current problems that go beyond platitudes. I like that, and I have always said that major changes in politics and culture have to occur incrementally so if Huntsman delivers 60% of what I want that's to the good; I can come back for that next 40% later.

Then there is Rick Perry (and to a lesser extent Michelle Bachman), yes Perry has a record as the Governor of Texas, some of it good such as job creation, some of it stupid, such as talking about Texas's right to secede from the Union, but he really lost me last night when he was discussing global warming. It's a small thing but his comparison of Global Warming Skeptics to Galileo was galling, it wasn't other scientists that locked Galileo away for years, it was the church because science was a challenge their authority which was partly maintained by an Aristotellian world view. Couple that with his recent prayer meeting and to me that indicates a man who filters everything through his religious faith. I know people said that about George W. Bush too, but compare how the two act, with Bush his faith was a personal issue with Perry I think it will be a policy making mechanism.
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