Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WGU Week 21

So, it's the second day of week 21 of my first term. Had my weekly call with my mentor yesterday and had to tell her that since I have taken this job my schedule has been thrown off a little. Not going to complete Windows 7 this term. I'll have to get it very early next term. Officially all I have to complete are the two math classes and I am good for the term, but I still want to get the Project Management class knocked out also.

Other than that not a lot to report. The new job seems to be validation of Wireless Applications on various Android devices that T-Mobile is adding to it's line-up. They didn't make me sign an NDA or anything but common sense is don't talk about work in detail so I won't be. All I will be offering is general impressions as time goes on. Impression so far both the company I am contracting thru and this contract specifically are a good deal. At this point I am very happy this fell into my lap.
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