Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saving America’s Jobs?

Recycled from Google+ but I’m still kind of steaming about it so I am reposting here.  I would also be interested in knowing why this isn’t something the GOP doesn’t hammer on every single day?

Bill Clinton has piece in the Jun 27, 2011 issue of news week entitled "Saving America's Jobs" in which he lists 14 steps that he thinks will increase economic activity and decrease the unemployment rate. The vast majority relate to "green energy" sector jobs.

What I want to know is why people like Clinton and Obama assume that "green energy" is some sort of panacea that will miraculously pull jobs out of the ether (that's polite talk for the economy's butt)?

Is it because like me they realize that the major brake on the economy at this point is energy costs? If that is the case how about just creating energy sector jobs?!?

I am not an economist so I don't really have the tools to prove this, but there are two things I know - George Soros was behind the 2007-2008 spike in oil prices (9/11 truthers have their theories I have mine), and if those prices came back down to 2007 levels and stayed the economy would start expanding again. (the housing market collapse was a side effect of the cost of energy increase and if energy prices go back down to the $40.00 a barrel level again it will take off again, IMHO). Once energy costs come down then the cost of everything else does too.

The problem with "green jobs" and "green energy" is that it is by far more expensive than the traditional sources. Further it is unnecessary in regards to achieving energy independence. There is enough oil locked in shale and coal in this country to supply America's energy needs for the next 1000 years. The current break even point for extraction is about $40.00 per barrel. At $40.00 per barrel gas should be somewhere around $1.90 to $2.00 / per gal. And the plus side the latest research shows that the sulfur from emissions may actually reduce global warming :-).

So why aren't we extracting more? Regulatory burden, which ironically Clinton says we should reduce.  Instead we have shut down oil extraction in Colorado and the Gulf of Mexico.  The loss of jobs from Ken Salazar’s Gulf of Mexico shutdown has cost America about 230,000 jobs just for the loss of work and even more nationwide as energy costs cause businesses to cut back on expenditures.  I said it before and I will repeat it now if we want to create jobs we need to fire Ken Salazar.

One other note Clinton flat out lies in this article. He claims the reason we didn't approve Kyoto and thus America's economy collapsed was because he and Gore were voted out of office. Lies ! the Kyoto Protocol was rejected by the US Seante 99-0 in 1998, 2 years before Clinton left offices.

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