Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Noooooes! San Francisco isn’t going to be able to vote on interfering in yet one more private aspect of our lives

July 28 (Bloomberg) -- A measure that would ban circumcision in San Francisco should be removed from the November ballot because it attempts to regulate a medical procedure, a California judge said in a tentative ruling.

Superior Court Judge Loretta Giorgi in San Francisco said yesterday in the preliminary ruling that it would serve no legitimate purpose to allow an invalid measure to remain on the ballot. Giorgi said that the measure is prohibited by California's Business and Professions Code.

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It’s hard to believe that a California Judge could actually exercise some restraint and keep the state from interfering in the citizen’s lives once again but it happened.  She must be on the payroll of big circumcision and the international Jewish conspiracy.

Speaking of California stupidity, this time from further south, I watched Operation: Endgame last night.  I had never heard of the movie before but talk about an hour and a half of Bush Bashing (and not in the good porno way).  Just avoid it if you see it pop up in your cable listings.

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