Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back in town

I know I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving but that’s the nice part about having no readers – No one to disappoint. 

I spent the last week down in Oregon with my family, it was a pretty good time but towards the end I was a little tired of the constant bickering with the kids. 

Found out my sister has been appointed to the Idaho Commission on Nursing.  I don’t know how or why, she isn’t a nurse and has never worked in a nursing or nursing education position so I am guessing she is like some sort of lay member like on church committees or something.  Anyway she is excited about it and it should be a big opportunity for her.

The other big news of the week is that my sister-in-law is leaving Afghanistan.  She is supposed to be home sometime in the first week of August.

So that’s all the family news.  Other than that all I did was read some on Windows 7, read a little of “A Dance with Dragons”, and basically sit around doing a bunch of nothing. 

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