Thursday, July 28, 2011

Around the Moronosphere

In an attempt to avoid studying I am revising “Around the Moronosphere” .  This is installment one:

Slashdot:  "The BBC is reporting that the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, target of 'ClimateGate,' has released nearly all its remaining data on temperature measurements following a freedom of information bid.

First comment: “Demanding these heroes of the people show their work. What's next, letting actual statisticians vet their modeling?

<runs in terror>”

The Art of Manliness: A Young Man’s Guide to Understanding Retirement Accounts: The 401(k)

Considering they have a pose contest on this site you may question the title but they do occassionally have good information.  Another good article “Arming yourself for the zombie apocalypse:  How to build the ultimate survival shotgun”

Belmont ClubBritain disbanding more battalions and regiments. 

The Jawa Report:  Breaking: U.S. Military Serviceman Arrested in Alleged Attack on Fort Hood

Apparently not a repeat from last year.  Not seeing it reported anywhere else and Fox News is down.

This Ain’t HellMilitary retirement system on the chopping blocks?

LA TimesA stealth political campaign hiding it’s donors behind a social welfare designation.  Any bets who one of the major funders will be *cough* George Soros *cough*

Sydney Morning Herald:  With all the data Google collects about us and our search histories, could the company use its technical prowess to help catch terrorists and mass murderers before they commit crimes?

That thought is more than a little scary.  I don’t want maniacs running around killing 65+ kids but I sure as hell don’t want Google sitting in judgment of me either.

Seattle Times:  Arguments start in the NLRB case against Boeing today

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