Saturday, July 30, 2011

Around the Moronosphere 7/29/2011

Belmont Club- It’s for the children.  HR 1981 mandates ISPs log and retain every click your mouse makes.  Sounds like all but 3 of the Republicans on the committee voted yes.  It passed 19-10.

More - The U.S. House Judiciary Committee approved a bill Thursday that would require Internet service providers to keep a record of their customers’ web activity for 12 months.

A late rewrite of the bill reportedly requires ISPs to store customers’ names, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and temporarily assigned IP addresses for 1 year.  The panel rejected an amendment clarifying that only IP addresses be retained by a 7 to 16 vote.

Never mind, now that I have read a little more about it I’m sure there is no way this data could be misused.  (that was sarcasm if you weren't sure)

(Note:  I went to THOMAS and read the bill all it says is that ISPs have to keep temporarily assigned IP addresses on file for 18 months.  Not sure where the original reports information originated from)

Wizbang – Spenditol, the miracle medicine to cure all our ills.

SweaselProject Euler, torturing the math impaired since 2001

PoliticoCalifornia redistricting finalized.  GOP loses

NY Times“The Age of Greed” was written by an idiot.  Considering it’s the NY Times and the book in question is criticizing conservatives and conservative philosophy this review is a polite but savage beatdown.

Rule 5 Fodder – “I’m Batman”

Jordan Carver Goes to Los Angeles (4)

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