Monday, June 13, 2011

Want to improve job growth - Fire Ken Salazar!!!

It's a new week and the Obama administration has aimed it's laser like focus on jobs creation... again. The same old proposals are being trotted out, according to Marketplace, cut red tape and $300,000,000,000 in additional stimulus spending.

I am not an economist, in fact according to some AoS co-bloggers I am a sub-literate, mouth-breathing, cretin, but I know what we need to do in order to kickstart the economy. We have to bring the price of gas down below $3.00 / gallon. The ways to do that are increased off-shore drilling and exploration, oils shale exploitation in the Rocky Mountain region, and Coal to Gas or Coal to Diesel conversion.

Get energy costs under control (which were the instigating cause of the 2008 crash) and businesses will have some cash available for expansion. Until that happens the economy is going to stop and start as energy prices fluctuate.
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